What is Psi-Q?

Psi-Q is a ground-breaking two-day event bringing together the top brains in finance, academia and regulation to discuss research into the philosophy, sociology and psychology of financial decision making.

Psi-Q is a forum for the best and brightest to come together to debate the architectures underlying our financial system, and to work out how and why that matters.

Focusing on quantitative finance and alternative investing, the conference aims to dissect trading, consensus building and pricing in complex markets.

Conference topics include how cultures in credit markets influence understanding and behaviour, how philosophy informs financial mathematics and the impact of friends and networks on trading decisions.

The conference will ask whether there is anything we can learn from applying a social sciences overlay to complex markets, and discuss what is “actionable” in terms of quantifying these themes in trading strategies, risk management and regulation.

I have no doubt that this fascinating new area will be important for both risk takers and risk managers as they develop strategies for the future.

Jon Gregory, author and consultant, former Global Head of Credit Analytics at Barclays Capital

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